Monday, May 31, 2010

the afterglow...

How great would it be if we could capture the afterglow of exercise - that time when everything feels great and we feel totally "on" from a good old sweaty workout - and bottle it and use as required when our attitude to exercise is lackluster. We have had some really rough weather this (3-day, yay!) weekend so Mr C and I have had to resort to the gym - I'm not sure if its a result of being cooped up during the day but afterwards we've both commented on how good we've been feeling. 

Today, after a fairly intense trip to ikea that only lasted 20minutes because the place was completely overrun with children and women in "the family way" - Mr C and I were sure we would be beaten to death by wee blighters with some appropriately swedish sounding utensil while their mothers screamed at them to Hurry Up, Put that Down and Ask your Father - I was in a bit of a mood - I had blamed the funk on being super gassy (we had chilli beans for dinner last night which are super delicious and worth the gassy aftermath) but who really knows why, what I can say though is that it had nothing to do with being hormonal because I am indeed superwoman and those monstrous fluctuations in mind and mood altering chemicals do nothing to impact me :)

Anyway, the exercise promptly ironed those wrinkles right out of my psyche or chemical imbalance or whatever it was that was putting me in said mood. Not only was my mood improved but I just felt so good. I was in the shower afterwards (with the beneficial use of Dr Bronner's peppermint body wash) thinking that if only I could keep some kind of grasp on that feeling after exercise I would do much more of it. 

But my grip is tenuous and I know, before long, it will slip and tomorrow I will have to conjure up some serious self-talk to get back to it. You never know though, exercise might not hold this mystical power if we always looked forward to it.

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  1. Oh yeah, wish I could bottle that high from a good run or a race - I'd never have a problem getting out the door again!! :D xx