Sunday, June 6, 2010

the joys...

So we all know the joys, meant in the most sarcastic way, that being a woman can hold. My boobs have expanded by probably 5gallons each in the last 24hours - seriously they might explode if they swell anymore.

The only benefit of this monthly swelling is that they seem slightly less saggy during this joyous time; they have become quite saggy over the weight loss journey, deflating bit by bit and sadly heading further south than I'd like. I have whined to the bff about said saggyness and she kindly and tactfully asked if it might be due to getting older - I could act indignant about this but, well, that quite possibly is playing a roll here too. I think though, they have been stretched above and beyond their intended limit in the past and seem somewhat resistance to bouncing back into former pertness.

Just because I feel like indulging my inner temper-tantrum-throwing-angsty-teenage-esce persona and may as well get it over with, they are bloody sore too - even doing weights tonight that didn't involved any chest muscles whatsoever made them ache. And you know when this fluid dissipates their saggyness will re-appear with even more notice-ability.

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