about me...

My name is Rachel. I'm 34 and on a mission to get a healthy thing going on.

I started this blog in May 2010 as a way to discuss and share the changes I was encountering. I was inspired by many other bloggers and was kinda hoping some of their success may rub off on me.

I've found blogging to be rewarding and therapeutic, and seems to keep me some how more accountable. I've made friends with some amazing people out there and feel beyond lucky to be part of this community.

I've been rather secretive about my initial weight and continue to be. I'm not sure why this is. I am most certainly embarrassed by the number but I do "own it" too - I was there and I was only person who got me there. I guess I want this blog to be about the changes rather than the numbers.

I don't regularly "check in" with my weight either. Its just not how I want to be on here. I actually weigh myself daily and record it in a spread sheet. I'm sure to report milestones and should I gain weight I'll be damn set to write it up and indulge myself in long winded why's and how's.

At the moment I have evaporated just over 30 kilos into the stratosphere, 13 or so of them in the past year, and have about 20 more wanting to join them. Its slow going by anyone's counting but thats the way it is. I have a goal in mind that is in the healthy range but I'm negotiable on this. I am a pear if you've ever seen one, so a booty and thighs are my burden to bear and I'm led to believe they might always be a trademark of being me.

I tend to blog about new activities I've been trying, things I think are interesting and worth dissecting. I seem to talk quite alot about Jillian Michaels because I listen to reruns of her radio show almost daily while I walk and I do her exercise videos. It gives me a false sense of how close she and I actually are and blogging about it lets me keep up this illusion.