Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the basics about me

Who am I?
I'm Rachel, an Aussie living in Seattle with my husband, Mr C, who is beyond supportive of this entire embark. I'm currently having a year out of my usual job and thought this was a perfect time to get serious about being healthy.

What am I doing?
I'm trying to be healthy, not change my life or be something I'm not. I'm actually really happy with the person I am - I have achieved some really great goals in my life and have it filled with wonderful people. But I have always been overweight and I feel its time to take responsibility for my health, inside and out.

So I'm working on eating healthy and getting this body to do what it was meant for. I'm lucky enough that Mr C is doing this all with me. We both have limits on our calorie intake and I log everything I eat in a small notepad I have in the kitchen. What we eat seems to be evolving as time goes by to incorporate more health-ful foods and less of those foods that are really just a lower calorie substitute for the foods we were used to eating; I can't tell you how different a day's worth of food looks now compared to just 12months ago.

Mr C and I walk pretty much every day - about 5-6kms on week days around our neighbourhood and then one walk on the weekend somewhere in the great outdoors, usually for a couple of hours. We do basic weights twice a week. I also do a dvd workout twice a week.

Why the blog?
I have been a lurker of several blogs for a long long time. Without even knowing it, these inspiring people (skinnylatte, dietgirl, misfit, laura is motivated to name a few) have got me re-motivated when the scales haven't been echoing my efforts, they have helped me create amazing healthy meals, have prompted me to find an exercise that works for me, have given me the courage to start weights training, have taught me it can be done and have reminded me I am not alone in this.

I am not a writer but I am finding this journey amazing and even if this blog only serves my own indulgence then I'd like to try to capture some of the moments I experience along the way.


  1. Welcome to blogging Rachel!! Great to hear more about you and your journey - and I agree, it's great to have somewhere to document your progress and things you experience on the way.

    I really liked what you said about taking responsibility for your health - that really is the key to cleansing your life of all the old, unuseful patterns. When we take responsibility not only for the way things are, but for changing them too.....the sky is the limit, it really is. When you really want to achieve something in life, in your heart of hearts, you find a way!

    Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to hearing more! xx