Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the beginning...

So here I am, finally doing the blog I have talked about for a while now.
I am just a geeky girl at heart and it came naturally to write up the plan and the results thus far as follows...its pretty bland information, and thus the bland presentation is justified. However, I do have moments of creativity and I'll try to add those into my blog as I go.

To be healthy, including
  • achieve a healthy weight (forthwith refered to as X)
  • increase fitness
  • improve sleep quality
  • improve skin condition
  • improve digestion
Limit calorie intake, aiming between 1400-1800 calories daily, recording daily food
Exercise 6/7 days

Subject: Me
Age: 34
Measurement preference: metric, baby
1st Beginning weight (Jan 2005): X + 50
2nd Beginning weight (August 2009): X + 33
Current weight (May 2010): X + 23

Keep on going, this is just the beginning...

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