Saturday, February 5, 2011

suddenly 40...

I sound like broken record but my day job has completely overtaken my life recently. I'm sure it'll get better but right now I'm not sure how I manage to fit in showering let alone eating well and exercising. And my poor landsoftly compendium is surely suffering. I do love you, blog, you're never far from my thoughts :)

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You might recall last year I had oodles of free time. I spent a good part of my free time focussing on cultivating healthy habits and watching more than my fair share of bravo tv :) The Kardashians and Real Housewives quite rightly feel out in the cold (despite my deep love for them). And I do miss them.

But I'm so happy to say that the healthy habits seem to be withstanding the storm of neglect. I'm not able to exercise everyday at the moment but I am on my feet all day and running around like a fool. I'm not sure that that combined with stress hormone induced heart rate elevation really equates to proper exercise but I'm taking whatever I can get. And, when I have the time, Jillian and I are still rock solid :)

Food wise, I am making the effort to pack healthy food to take with me and avoiding the easier options. I realise I used to reward myself with unhealthy food and, while it's sometimes tempting, I've managed to keep that bad habit at bay.

I hopped on the scales the other morning and realised I am now down 40kilos, how and when did that happen? A horrible little voice said to me it was probably muscle loss and not real weight, so I kick-boxed that demon in the ass and celebrated the new milestone with a gorgeous new dress that looks like it belongs on a much smaller person than me.

I hope you are all well out there.