Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ah people, well tell me, where have I been?

Well, I did get three weeks with Mr C during May - during which everything and everyone else got politely ignored. Those weeks were ahmazing, people.

Otherwise, its more of the same that you all have going on in your lives - work, rest and play.

My weight has been pretty stable since my last check in - no down, but no up either. I'm on a cush-y job at the moment and have time a-plenty to get my exercise done and organise my food. I'm not overly concerned about it but I'm hoping to see some downward direction on the scale again soon.

Its winter in Adelaide at the moment and it is fresh out there; it has made outdoor exercise a little tough but my old pal Jillian Michaels and I have been busting some moves inside. And the BFF and I brave the cold sometimes to share our thoughts of enlightenment from the week, usually garnered from The Kardashians or Oprah; we spend quite a bit of time communally whinging about said cold weather too :)

Anyway, this is short and sweet - expect to hear from me more regularly again.

R xx