Tuesday, November 2, 2010

stairway to saddledoom: glute 16/30...

I have several glute exercises that I need to blog about but one I tried on the weekend needs special mention pronto.

This past weekend whilst visiting two of the loveliest canucks in all the land I found myself amongst the masses of crazed fans and halloween-ers at an ice hockey game. I hadn't been to a game before and loved every second of it.

I think it was Dolly Parton who said "the higher the hair, the closer to god". Well the same goes for ice hockey seats :) We were way way up overlooking the rink and everyone else in the arena. Was great for some people-watching and trying to work out if the numerous mullets were being sported as part of halloween costumes or were part of the local favour - I think it was exclusively the former but it was fun to speculate.

None the less, the hike up to the seats involved many many stairs - I am going out on a limb and guesstimating at least one million stairs were involved :) One of my dear companions suggested the stair climb could classify as a glute exercise. And then when I discovered the arena was called the Saddledome, it was impossible to ignore the call of this worthy bun-master workout.

And so, glute exercise number 16 is the stair climb. I do stairs just like everyone else - just one after the other, no fancy double step taking for me. But I must admit after realising the potential of the climb to our seats I concentrated a little more on using those maximi glutes to propel me up those steps. I was definitely feeling warm when we sat down but I can't say my glutes were making any noise - perhaps next time I will climb two million stairs and beat the saddle bags into submission :)

I had actually planned out my week so that I had two rest days whilst I was away, so I feel extra smug that I snuck this exercise in :) My glutii and every part of me sends out a big thanks to Mr and Mrs Canuck for an awesome weekend.

a likeness of Mr and Mrs Canuck: seen here


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  1. It definitely was a million stairs!!!!! I swear my derriere is more shapely after just one game;) Perhaps we should always wait until the last minute and buy tickets "close to god"! We can't thank you enough for joining us for the weekend honey. It was so nice to see you and so fun to show off our "Canuck-ness". Love the pic you found of us. xoxoxo