Wednesday, November 24, 2010

kick butt: glute 21/30...

Nothing fancy here folks, just one girl kicking her butt in an attempt to make it smaller :)

There appears to be two common versions of this exercise. One where you jump from standing and try to kick your butt with your heels and one where you jog on the spot and try to, alternatively, kick one butt cheek at a time with the corresponding leg.

I did the jogging version. But only because I didn't know about the jumping version before I researched it properly. Definitely not because jumping sounds way harder than jogging :)

Anyone who does Jillian's workouts knows she loves these. So its no surprise I did them with her this morning through the magic of tv and exercise videos. She told me my form could do with some improvement but that generally I was doing ok. I'll take it with thanks Jillian.

Hope you're all out there kicking butt this week.

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