Sunday, November 14, 2010

pressed for time: glute 19/30...

Just a quick one folks. Checking in with glute exercise number 19 - the leg press.

This is done on a machine and my substantial research online tells me the muscle incorporation is pretty similar to a wide squat. Actually, substantial might be an overestimate, somewhat substantial? Maybe.

Anyway, I go back and forth with my feelings about using machines for exercises. Mainly because I like to think that my exercise is like squeezing real life situations into short amounts of time - for example bicep curls is the concentrated equivalent of lifting shopping in and out of the boot of my car.

And you know, there is nothing I do in my life where I sit down and push things away with my legs. I guess though, the idea of these machines is to isolate and stress particular muscles so my analogy system for valuing machines is probably debunked if not downright fraudulent ;)

Nevertheless, the leg press machine doesn't feature in my routine all that regularly. But its in my gym and it already sits in the corner not being used much, so every now and then I use it so it knows it has some love. And it does work the legs really well - and the booty now that I know how to use it properly. And it makes me feel strong - my legs have had to carry my body around for years so they can press a good weight. Yup, superhero coming atcha!

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