Wednesday, November 3, 2010

core blimey: glute 17/30...

As discussed a few posts ago I have been trying out some new resistance strengthening exercises. I researched the Exhale series of Core Fusion workouts and read pretty amazing things and thought I'd give one of them a go. I tried the Body Sculpt dvd (side note: I actually rented it from Amazon and had it download to my TiVo, how freaky cool is that!?!).

I didn't really know if any of the exercises in this workout would be strictly "glute" exercises before doing it but the answer is an undeniable yes. To the point where the next day my butt was sore to the touch. Even the weight of my plush lounge pants strained the poor things.

The workouts are demonstrated by a couple who are quite remarkable, in retrospect I am wondering if they are even human. They were so serene, flexible and strong that I suspect they have a superior set of muscles under their "skin". I always clap myself at the end of a workout and send out a thanks to the demonstrator; after this one I was so grateful it was over but so puffed I couldn't speak and so shakey my hands could not come together in a coordinated movement.

For anyone who is interested the workout is divided into five 10minute sessions - each concentrating on different muscle groups. You think to yourself - oh this is easy - and that thought lasts for about 30seconds and then you just want them to tell you its over. Its tough but I dare say results are worth it.

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At the moment I am not sure its for me, but I'll keep you posted.


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