Thursday, November 11, 2010

jack flash: glute 18/30...

So the new addition to the glute exercise realm for landsoftly is the jumping squat. Similar to a squat but incorporating a jump at the end of the squatting segment. Here is more information about the jumping squat than anyone might ever need.

It was only recently that I gave the whole jumping thing a proper go. Not just for these exercises but in general, if a workout required jumping I really did a half arsed job. Putting my whole arse into jumping makes a big difference. Sure I feel daft jumping but its a no-joke way to get the heart pounding and the sweat pouring. And there is something to be said for using your own muscles to propel you up and off the ground. Who needs planes when you've got muscles? :)

I am not adverse to squats at all, I'm not able to get a low as some people but I can do a good booty flaunt without too much trouble. Jumping squats are a great way to do the same action and keep it more "cardio". I think my pace might be a little slower than others but I tried really hard to keep my form good.

So, onwards and upwards with a jump and a squat.


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