Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pilates: glute 15/30...

I've been trying out a few different options for strength training recently. I don't mind doing weights and do find the repetitive nature somewhat soothing. But I had a moment of frank honesty with myself and realised from the moment I start doing weights I'm waiting for them to be done and finished. And who wants to be doing that a couple of times a week? Not me...

So I am trying to hunt down a variety of ways to strengthen my musculature because we all want to be able to say "today I strengthened my musculature" with enthusiasm :)

I turned first to Jillian. Of course! I loved her No More Trouble Zones workout, but it is hard and committing to doing that more than once a week is something I'm not up for. So who to turn to after Jillian? The bff, of course! She has recently lost numerous kilos; 3, or so, of which have miraculously recomposed themselves into a gorgeous baby boy.

One of the baby-whisperers mentioned to her that pilates is a great form of exercise. I think the baby is too young to start exercising myself but who am I to question :) But, if its good enough for the bff & junior then its good enough for me.

So I tried an "everyday pilates workout for beginners" from iTunes - about 5minutes into the routine the demonstrator mentioned the workout was specifically designed for "all you over 50's out there". Which is not me by the way. It should have been easy then, no? Well, no it wasn't. But it wasn't much of a challenge either.

So I learned my lesson, read the reviews for some other dvds and found one that offers beginners, intermediate and advanced options. Love it. Its relaxing and centering but challenging. And there are some killer super glute maneuvers in there.

The side kicks were a hit with the landsoftly glutes and are getting a special mention as glute exercise number 15. The routine I do has quite a few of these and I have to say the whole side area from the waist to mid thigh is burning - afterwards the instructor tells us to make a fist and rub that area. If I could purr I would - it is bliss, and I have taken to doing this when ever I do anything that remotely using my glutes.

LandSoftly Out.

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