Tuesday, November 9, 2010

its raining smiles...

Its pouring in Seattle, and its cold. And I love it. Ok, so I don't love the cold but I do love the rain. I think most Aussies do, well Adelaide-ians do; we don't get much there.

Thus when I saw this picture I saw a little blue version of myself - except, unless I'm really worried about my hair or something I'm carrying, I rarely worry about umbrellas. I never have much luck keeping anything other than my head dry with the darn things anyway.

The weather has me craving comfort dishes like soup and toast, stews, puddings and apple pie. I'm doing my best at keeping these healthy choices.

The weather does have me exercising almost exclusively indoors, so I'm doing my strides on the cross trainer and the bike. Mr C and I keep a close eye on the sky and get excited if the sun is shining so we can get a few steps outside.

Hope you're all well and enjoying rain, hail or shine where ever you might be.


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