Thursday, October 21, 2010

wrestling: glute 14/30...

I'm pleased to introduce glute exercise number 14...the sumo squat. I quite enjoy these, they feel like a stretch exercise as well as a booty shaper. Surprisingly though, I do not like them enough to challenge this record.

Using a wide stance, feet out turned and back straight I did a reasonably fast set of 30 of these, trying my damnedest to get as low as possible on each repetition, then followed it up with a set of 20 at a much slower pace and concentrating more on my form. As with all these exercises, they were mixed in with other strength exercises after some cardio. I didn't notice a "burn" as such with these but I was pretty darn grateful when I was upright again.

The argument between the scale and I has escalated since my last post. It is such a punk, it seems to think I'll quit exercising and eating well if tricks me into believing my weight is not shifting at the moment. I fear our patience with each other is dwindling, but I am determined that I shall not break.

A day late, but every day in heart, soul and spirit, I support Spirit Day

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