Wednesday, October 13, 2010

over troubled water: glute 11/30...

So I built a bridge with my butt for glute exercise number 11 and got over it.

Check out this awesome set of exercises for some general guidelines on how to do the bridge.

Can't help but do some reflection on this exercise - just before Mr C and I got married I did the bridal thing and threw myself into some exercise classes. At the end of one of them we'd go through a series of cool down type strength moves and the bridge was one of them. I could barely get my butt off the floor - I would be trying with all my might and it looked like I'd just plonked myself on the ground and thought about something really hard.

Fast forward 7years, an extra 10 kilos gained&lost and I finally got it together, worked out which muscles I was meant to use for this dang maneuver and I could hold a bridge for a solid 60seconds. And it looked like I was actually doing something.

Fast forward another 3years to today, 20 more kilos lost and I'm doing these things on one leg - advanced style with my main girl Jillian cheering from the side lines. Those days of being unable to move my booty off the floor are water under the bridge baby. I'm a riot with these phrases :)

And it does work the booty (and the abs) - its an exercise where I feel it working immediately, clenching those muscles up off the floor and holding them there makes me pretty sore. There's no waiting for tomorrow to see if the glutes have been worked to their maximus.

I honestly don't even know what I was doing all those years ago, it doesn't seem like a masters in coordination is really required. But I remember looking over at the other people in the class and just not understanding how they managed to get their bootys so far off the ground. Makes me pretty darn grateful that I got myself together and worked it out.

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