Sunday, October 3, 2010

lazy sundays...

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Who doesn't love a lazy sunday morning? Lets imagine we're having a cuppa together and chatting away about our favourite things. And by things, I mean food :) I'll go first...

I've recently started adding them to salads. And, oh my, they add something pretty amazing. Try it! We love them especially with coriander (cilantro to you crazy northern americans) and mint. We also had them sliced up on top of a vege frittata the other night, along with some super smelly cheese. Mmmmmm.

Need I say more - a little goes a long way and a lot goes even further, yum!

Luna Bars
My favourite is a toss up between the chocolate raspberry and the protein cookie dough. Mr C loves the choc peppermint, but avoids looking at the label that says "the whole nutrition bar for women", hee hee.
These bars are staple in the pantry - they are our chocolate substitute. I carry one in my bag for those oot'n'aboot cravings. They hit the spot for sweet treat and they absolutely satisfy. A whole bar is 170-180 calories and half of one is a perfect coffee accompaniment.

Great big portabellas roasted with a little blue cheese on top. We have them instead of meat patties on our fake-away hamburgers, along with grainy toast, mushed avocado, tomato, lettuce and roasted bacon.

Greek yogurt
After years and years of searching, there is no substitute for greek yogurt. I think Australia has some of the best yogurts out there - of both greek and regular origins. At the moment, we eat quite alot of fage with cherry jam. My biggest problem with yogurt is that its not easily transportable, spilled yogurt will leave any handbag smelling pretty funkified.

I only just learned last night that dates come from palm trees! I feel completely ill at ease about this, because I adore dates but really dislike palm trees. I feel a little cheated by myself - first off, how can I dislike a tree? that is really kind of mean, what did the palm tree ever do to me? - and second off, its just wrong to dislike something that produces one of the worlds best dried fruits. I am working on this dilemma internally, but I think my attitude towards the palm must change henceforth.

Chicken sausage
I'm not sure if is purely a phenonomen of our household, community, country or if it involves the whole world, but we have some big love for the range of organic chicken sausages out there. These are one of our favourites. Cooked (or heated, because they are already fully cooked) and sliced over a salad makes a pretty amazing and satisfying meal.

Ok, my coffee is now empty and I'm starving! I would love to hear about your favourite things, food or otherwise :)

Happy Sunday y'all!

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