Friday, October 8, 2010

a friday favourite and glute 10/30...

I used to do Pump classes with the bff. We would go during our lunch break while we were "working" together. When we first started we would get changed before and after the class but slowly but surely we ended up wearing our sweats all day. We were doing said "work" together in an engineering department and lets just say the dress code was pretty lax. We were the only ones who noticed our slip in sweatsville. We were very comfortable.

The dead lift is a favourite of any pump class - Jillian incorporates this move with a bicep curl in her No More Trouble Zone workout. I realise now that back when I did all those Pump classes that I wasn't doing this maneuver properly. So, here it is being highlighted as number 10 in the world renown glute exercise challenge.

I know I wasn't doing it properly because I used to just flop over and let my arms hang down - seriously, it was a totally passive move. Now I realise I'm meant engage my abs the whole time, standing upright to begin with, knees soft but not bent, fold over at the waist and then actually use my glutes and hamstrings to pull me back up. I repeated a set of 30 of these, after some cardio and mixed in with other moves.

The area in the lower middle of each [ahem] cheek is quite sore now.

Because its Friday, and I just had an extra coffee while watching Project Runway, I want to celebrate another love the bff and I have: Tim Gunn. I know what you're thinking, Pump classes and Tim Gunn, we are tres chic :) If we were both gay men we might have a falling out over who gets to claim him. Or perhaps we'd just join forces and set up his biggest fan club. Oooo, maybe we'll do this anyway.

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Hope you're all having a fabulous Friday xx

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