Tuesday, June 29, 2010

reality bites...

Life is ticking over at the moment - nothing exciting on the scales to share either. Mr C was away for a couple of days and I managed to keep on the straight and narrow, although I exercised in the gym with my ipad rather than the walking that we usually do. I got to indulge my love of cold rolls (or vietnamese rolls or whatever they are called in your country/region of choice) and had them several times. Mr C hates the look and texture of the rice paper; he thinks it resembles skin and calls them "flesh rolls", thus they are not usually on the menu in our shack.

I just know some poundage is about to drop; I seem to plateau pretty regularly and then suddenly drop a kilo or so over a day or two. I'm not even sure how this is possible but it seems pretty consistent. I'm getting used to it now but it can be really disheartening when I'm pushing on day after day and the scale doesn't show any change.

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