Monday, June 21, 2010

for the love of good friends...

It has been quiet at LandSoftly for the past couple of days - we have had the good fortune of having some visitors from afar visit with us.

Have somehow managed to not go off the rails and celebrate their company by stuffing them (and myself) with food. These friends are natural instinctive eaters and probably haven't missed my mis-placed attempt at making them feel welcome with copious indulgent dishes. I have come to realise that in the past I have tried to show people my love for them with food. Somehow, in my mind, the equation of "feed them well" equaled "love them well".

I remember with such clarity staying at my grandmothers; every morning I would wake up to the aroma of bacon and toast fresh in the air, I would pad into the kitchen and there she would be, my place at the kitchen table set and ready (usually with a  "Skippy the bush kangaroo" plate), some bacon and eggs on the hob and toast ready at a moment's notice with a dish of butter and a pot of jam. The Dragonlady would be there cradling a cup of tea, having been up chatting with her mum beforehand, and would give me a big cuddle and always say "ooo, you're as warm as toast". Looking back on it, I realise I felt so loved during this morning ritual; two amazing women seemingly waiting just for me, to feed me, hug me and tell me I resembled something as lovely and cosy as warm toast :)

I think on some level I have wanted to create this feeling for other people. But I am realising there are more important components to expressing my love than by making sure there is an endless supply of bacon for them. So, to all my friends, my love is big for you.

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