Wednesday, June 23, 2010

back to everydayness...

So our visitors have left and I'm left feeling a little uninspired with my exercisin'. It was almost easier than usual while they were here because after each session they would pump me up with compliments cheer-squad-style about how fantastic I am going to the gym. That combined with Mr C's astonishment that I was going even though we had friends staying had me feeling pretty darn slick in the motivation department.

Now there is no excuse not to do it and I'm coming up with floors that need scrubbing, silver than needs polishing and homework that needs doing, despite the fact we have no silver and I'm not longer at school and, while we do have floors, I am just not the scrub-on-my-hands-and-knees kind.

Exercise is my most fickle friend, or at least I am a fickle friend to Exercise; sometimes its tough and challenging but rewarding and I walk away from a visit thinking I can't wait for the next session; other times its being so hard to get along with that its easy for me to turn my back on Exercise and ignore it. For sure, having other really great friends around dilutes Exercise's more annoying habits and makes it far more palatable. So now, me and Exercise are hanging out alone once again and the things I don't like about it seem to be highlighted. I'm doing my best to be kind and easy to get on with because it is a good friend, despite it never coming to my house and doing the things I really like :)

I'm only going to the gym tonight because I want to watch tv on my ipad (I told you I was from the future) and I know Exercise really likes that too.

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