Wednesday, June 9, 2010

for the love of the read...

I bought and devoured The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl this weekend (on my e-book reader because I am from the future and don't know how to use paper).

I have to admit I was hesitant to get this book, thus my much delayed purchase; I adore Dietgirl, have read her blog for a long, long time and was worried this book wouldn't live up to my expectations, because I harbour big expectations after reading her blog and adoring her the way I do.

I finally came out of my blog-loving closet via email to her earlier this year and we have penned several notes back and forth (or tapped them out in qwerty anyway, because as I say I am from the future and don't know how to "note"). I also adore Dietgirl in Two Fit Chicks, as I have previously waxed lyrical, and have been in communicado with them too. Yup, I am livin large and have personal communications with my idols.

So anyway, the purpose of my silly ranting here, is that the distance between the character of Dietgirl and the reality of a weight loss blogger like Dietgirl has become a lot less since I outed myself and began my own blog - and my opinion of said superhero has only grown. So I felt it was time to tackle the book and incorporate whatever feelings I had about it into my evolving appreciation of her.

And I flipping loved loved loved the book - so much so that I chose to read it two nights in a row over doing crosswords with Mr C, which is one of most favourite pass times ever. I have loved reading more details of the scottish romance of the century and appreciated her honesty about how she felt throughout her crusade. I have cried and laughed at parts that spoke to me and had The Lightbulb switch on several times. Its an easy read, supremely entertaining and motivational to boot. Thanks Dietgirl, borrowing your own words, you rock!

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