Friday, July 29, 2011

oh what a treat...

I've mentioned before that a habit I've tried to cut out is rewarding myself with food. Mr C suggested a little while ago that I do a post on non-food rewards and I've been stewing this idea around for a while.

I know its a bit of an indulgent topic and in all reality we live lives that are super rewarding in many many ways. Mr C and I love what we've chosen to do with our lives but sometimes we lose ourselves in our work and together with other obligations we get to a point every now and then where we feel like a bit of self-pampering. We used to find that an easy way of achieving this was filling our bellies with all kinds of tastiness. And while this was comforting for our psyches, it did the opposite for our health. So its something we've worked on - here are a few of my favourite rewards...

For a long time I went along with what everyone else liked when it came to music - Mr C has an awesome ear and I can't fault his choices. But I knew I had a taste all of my own bustin' a move inside. About 4 years ago I gave myself a new year's challenge to find a new album once a month and through that process I found my pocket of listening pleasure. I have a soft spot for lesser known musicians, particularly aussies, and scoping out new talent on iTunes is quite a treat for me. Once I've bought something I love to potter around the house and listen to it through a few times.

from the jam

Whether near or far, virtual or in person, short & sweet or deep & meaningful, having a chat with one of the lovely people in my life is so nice. I'm at the age where all my friends are busy - we're all investing in our careers, families, homes and we don't have hours to dawdle around together - and its a pleasure to continue to share our lives when we can.

I don't care who knows it, I love a good clean - the regular stuff or the spring kind - I get a kick out of it and love that post clean feel. I love to postulate about all the alternate jobs I would like to do and high up on the list is cleaner; naturally I imagine running my own cleaning business with some super cute name that sings with efficient cleaning capability.

For those of you who know me, you know I am something of frockaholic. I love to wander amongst the possibilites of what I might wear and spend time shopping. And I'm not shy about hunting down a bargain. I'm about to oust how organisational crazed I am but I like to have my work-week of outfits planned ahead - call me juvenile but I love playing in the wardrobe and pulling those outfits together.

I've come to realise that I don't think food rewards are all bad. I adore food and I have chosen to regularly avoid some of the food I adore the most because it is full of nutritional nonsense and calories, two things my booty does not need. But food rewards don't have to include those typical "treat" foods - Mr C and I love creating new dishes that are calorie-sound and belly pleasing - we've discovered a love of yogurt, apple salad, mushrooms, beans and many many more things that are delicious and rewarding to prepare and sit down to. Branching out from the regular is super fun too - trying out a new recipe, or trying that odd looking item at the store that you've never heard of; I have long screwed up my nose at bubble tea and tried it a few weeks ago only to find it is lovely and quirky, a total treat.

And sometimes, that turkish delight is communicating with my belly on some alternate level and they both know that together they will create magic, and, people, magic does happen - the belly clearly comes from Narnia because it has some serious magic love for turkish delight and I make sure I enjoy every sparkle of it.

And a little treat, a very happy birthday shout out to the DragonLady, who still doesn't know about this blog but might one day.

I hope you are all well out there.

R xx

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