Saturday, July 16, 2011

things I'm loving...

A couple of years ago some friends and I were sitting around having a general moan about life and circumstances. It was all quite cathartic and meaningful, with lots of agreement amongst us about how annoying things were.

One of our group piped up and suggested we all proffer something we love, we were all the mood for some sharing of feelings and although this somehow seemed more revealing that whinging, we gave it a shot; a surprise letter in the mail from a loved one, the smell of fresh laundry, waking up thinking its a work day to find its a day off, Mum's roast and on and on we went, before we knew it we were interrupting each other to share our "happy" thoughts and there was a general feeling of sunshine in the air.

I often think of that discussion when I'm gloomy and dark and try to challenge myself to think of the more positive things in my life, and there are a-plenty people!

So here's some things, all food naturally, I'm loving at the moment;
1. Prunes: The bff is a huge advocate, I've been on the fence saying dates are better but I'm a recent convert - love them
2. Pears: I've recently re-discovered my love of the humble pear, bananas are crazybucks in Australia at the moment so I've been broadening my usual apple and banana habit, I'm a big fan of pear and cheese sandwiches
3. Chickpeas: On pretty high rotation in the House of Landsoftly - if this recipe doesn't do it for you, you be crazy
4. Oatmeal luna bar: sent from my special supplier, thanks Mr C!
5. Tuna: love this one, in oil with chilli, on my lunch salad, the oil acts as my salad dressing too
6. Amaretto biscuits: there is no reason to explain - marzipan in a biscuit, delish!
7. Brussel sprouts: love them steamed with a dash of butter and sprinkle of salt
8. Flat white: I have to put this on the list, after realising how good Australian coffee is, I shall never take thee for granted again
9. Arnotts Royals: don't judge me, I know they are rotting my teeth, brain and stomach with their simple sugar stupidity, but who can resist a biscuit topped with jam and marshmallow all dipped in chocolate? not me, love love love
10. McVities digestive: I'm just getting it all out there, I'm a biscuit and tea lady, I blame a fellow fibre lover for getting me addicted to these, the crumbly texture is just devine, they are even better when dipped in chocolate (but what isn't)

So there you have just a few of my gustation obsessions. Hope you're all well out there.
R xx

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