Friday, August 5, 2011

a hop, wish and jump...

So I was looking on tumblr for a picture for another post altogether and the picture below showed up...*lightbulb*...what a super cute idea for a blog post...if I had a hundred wishes, what would I do? So the other post is hidden in the recesses for another day and here is a soft and fuzzy one for you...

So, 100 wishes hey? Hmmm, that is some serious wishing I can get stuck into. Where to start....I can tell you, I wouldn't give them all away like this gift tag is cutely suggesting...I'm likely to be greedy in this very likely event of wishes falling in my all likelihood, you probably don't want to read 100 of my naff wishes, you probably want to get to work on your own list now that I've given you the idea, but its my blog and so its my wishes you must read :)

What this did actually remind me of, and go on to inspire this post, is a conversation Mr C and I love to indulge in and its all our about our incessant love of food and wishing there wasn't a health impact from partaking in its loveliness. If only food could be like looking at a nice picture or rugging up in a cosy blanket - it feels good and then its over. No harm, no foul.

So, we often ask, if we could choose one food to be calorie free and it have no impact on our health one way or another what would it be. Well, to be honest, we do just focus on the calorie freeness of it. I just added the "impact on our health" to be well rounded :)

Those of you who count calories know how freaking amazing this would be - its so surprising how one calorie can carry such power. Damn nature and evolution for being so clever and creating the almighty calorie. We're altogether too well acquainted with nutrition labels and still, we see something that looks delicious and want to try it only to see it would replace an entire meal or, it would require, oh, only 7hours of exercise to burn off.

We start reeling off those foods we avoid and imagine a happy little world where we eat and pay no attention to it...Mr C and I actually start getting quite carried away, and start talking about, in lieu of a wish, what evil thing we'd be willing to do, to make a deal with the devil to make such a thing a possibility. What crimes would we commit? What dastardliness would we be involved in? What organs and limbs would we be willing to lose?

We try to come up with the most ridiculously sneaky circumstances that might, through some hidden clause, award us calorie freedom. We've let this conversation get so far away with itself I can't even think what it is we ultimately choose.

Knowing Mr C though, I'm betting he'd choose potato crisps. And for me, its likely to be biscuits, maybe those bloody chocolate digestives I'm addicted to.

So if I did have 100 wishes, after I used up however many of them is required to defy the laws of physics so that Mr C and I could be in the same location and still work on opposite sides of the globe, and solving other serious and worthy problems, I'd save a couple for such frivolity as making crisps and chocolate digestives calorie free.

Here's to wishing you're all well out there :)
R xx

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