Monday, July 18, 2011

just a tip of the hat...lunch

I work five or six days a week. I'm currently on a cushy version of my job but that is very temporary and usually I'm flat out all day. To be honest, I'm sometimes stressed out too. So something good to eat is essential for me, as silly as it might sound I look forward to my food and knowing I've packed something that fits the bill for my lunch makes my belly smile.

I usually make my lunch for the next work day at the same time as I make my dinner. I'm in that "food preparation" zone and it make sense to get it all done together :)

Lunch is usually a salad of some description - tomatoes, capsicum (or peppers to you crazy americans) and baby spinach primarily make the base with one or combo of egg/tuna/potato/pumpkin/chickpeas/cheese/beetroot lumped on top - that part might from a can or be left overs from dinner.

Without giving it too much thought I guess its consistently vegies-and-some-kind-of-protein mixture. I went through a stage of only having vegies and I'd be flat within a few hours. And have too much gas to-boot :)

When the supermarket is just too much for me to bear and the fridge has slim pickings I take cheese and crackers with a V8 on the side - its luxurious enough for me to look forward to it and avoid the cafeteria (which inevitably always has sad soggy sushi or hot chips to offer) and its good in terms of calories and nutrition.

Mr C and the bff (and even the bff's mister) tell me original V8 is actually disgusting to everyone else on the planet, they all like the fruity versions though. I always have a couple of small packs in the fridge and I always, always, always have cheese in the fridge. Its not even a fridge to me if it doesn't have cheese in it. My favourite cheese de jour is this one.

And when that fails, you know I always have eggs handy and I make an omelet with (frozen) peas and feta/ricotta/cottage cheese (or whatever I do have) and take that in - reheated or cold its great.

I'm not a sandwich person at all, but I have been known to shock the pants of everyone with a sandwich - usually boring boring boring with vegemite/jam/cheese&pear/egg. Mr C loves sandwiches - thank goodness opposites attract :)

I might have mentioned before that lunch needs dessert for this girl. Its usually yogurt or dried fruit - if someone brings in morning tea I have to convince my stomach that dessert was had before the main event; a mint is good if it continues to struggle with the concept.

I usually have fruit sometime in the afternoon or in the car on my way home. Apples, bananas, pears, kiwifruit - I try not to discriminate. Not big on oranges or mandarins though; sorry, citrus fruits.

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