Tuesday, July 19, 2011

just a tip of the hat...exercise

Sad but true, I try to exercise every day. Its become my routine to do a workout when I get home from work.

I don't love exercise, I really don't. So I make sure I have a few options always on the go. I tend to have a rough plan about which I'm going to do on any given day. And I do try really hard not to be all-or-nothing about it, if I miss a day its not a big deal.

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Bike with a show
This is my basic option, when I don't feel like anything else I'll watch a show I've "recorded" (totally legally, always :) ) while I wile away. I've come to realise exercise equipment is always going to be part of my family, I've lost the majority of my weight so far by spinning the wheels of a bike or crosstrainer, when everything feels too difficult the exercise bike is like an old friend who will ride a couple hundred calories with me. A good show also helps - the rule is nothing is too trashy for me and the bike :)

Exercise video
I probably do a video twice a week - Jillian had me at hello, so I do one of her multitude on offer, trying to live up to her high expectations.

The bff and I know how to pound the pavement and get through some serious talk-therapy while we're at it. Its good to walk with her, I really look forward to it, it goes fast because are so busy scrutinising te world and it schedules my exercise, which I like :)
My pals at Two Fit Chicks also make terrific walking companions via podcast. And Mr C and his super long legs make for a terrific exercise session too, and we always have the most remarkable things to talk about.

Mixing it up
Earlier this year I was working a job 10-14 hours a day and I was way too exhausted at the end of the day to exercise. Fortunately I was on my feet all day, hustling around so I got lots of incidental exercise. I decided rather than struggle with trying to fit in some extra exercise I'd give myself a challenge to not use the lift for the last 6weeks - I used it going "down" a couple of times, usually because I was with colleagues or the doors would spring open as I rushed past, but I never used it going up.  

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