Tuesday, September 21, 2010

zumba rumba: glute 6/30...

I was resisting the Zumba draw but three amazing women gave me reason to stop resisting and give it a go - the bff: who gave me the vids in the first place - a dear friend, lets call her SuperJhy*: has recently given Zumba a run for its money - and dietgirl: has long let her Zumba-loving flag fly.

And, I am joining the party - I love it! I'm not even going to dally about saying so or draw out the suspense of my feelings by discussing the pros and cons first. Shame on me for waiting so long to try it. It is fun. The time flew by. I sweated up a storm. I am aching in body from my abs to my quads to parts of my body that might have never been used before. And yes, the all important Gluteus Maximi were zinging immediately afterwards and ached on waking the next day - sure signs they loved getting some flavour with the Zumba team.

I am not, however, co-ordinated. In fact, the more I thought about moving my hips the more awkward I was - but the instructors on the vid often go back to basics to show you how to do it. And they regularly remind you, its moving that matters and it doesn't really matter how talented at the Reggeaton you are - I love that attitude as much as I love Zumba idea.

*SuperJhy, if you hate your pseudo let me know, it does rhyme with SuperFly though

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