Saturday, September 18, 2010

squat it out: glute 4/30...

Mr C just reminded me it has been 11days since I posted. I have the posts going on in my head but they just haven't transformed into readable form :)

So glute exercise 4 was The Squat. Quite a change from my previous more cardio oriented glute exercises. Variety, people, is the spice of life :)

I channeled my old instructor from pump classes and tried to keep good form - abs engaged, feet hip width apart, weight balanced in the heels of my feet and tried to imagine a seat was just behind me and I was lowering my booty to sit in it, and just at the last minute I'd say oh-no-booty, no sitting for you, and I would stand up straight trying to use my glutes as much as possible. I repeated this 40 times after my usual cardio and weights workout. Surely that was enough to wake up the next day with a perfect peach for a bum?

The junk in the trunk was sore the next day but so too were my quads. So I'm thinking squats are a good lower body exercise all round - much like my pump instructor used to say, I knew she was wise.

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