Thursday, September 23, 2010

superman flys: glute 7/30...

I found myself doing another exercise video for glute exercise 7, the old school superman fly. This video was Jillian's No More Trouble Zones. I initially thought it was an odd name considering she loves to poo-poo any ideas of "spot" training or fat reduction but she makes it pretty clear during the vid that its all about toning.

And man oh man its a tough workout.

Its just shy of an hour long video and goes through a brief warm up (which includes my frenemy of all exercise maneuvers, jumping jacks) and then 5 or 6 circuits focussing on particular muscle groups and a lovely stretch out at the end. To be fair I always do a longer stretch/cool-down than Jillian does in her videos, I clearly like to bask in the post-exercise cool down longer than she does. I always say thanks to Jillian and whoever is with her, and clap for myself too. Yup, dork I am :)

Some of the moves are really tough and I found myself grunting out loud during some of them - its funny how much a grunt can help me get through a move or hold a position for a bit longer. Nothing could help during the "surrender"* move though, and I must work on that. Anyway, I was alone in the apartment so it hardly matters, maybe I should grunt all the time and I would wizz through my exercise. I saw a man blow his nose into his hand (without a tissue or hanky, eww) at the gym the other day so I doubt a bit of grunting would offend anyone.

The glutes section is a killer; incorporating superman flys, which I found really work my lower back and glutes. I haven't done superman flys in, oh, lets say, forever? I did what Jill told me to, lifting my chest and knees off the floor while lying face down, feeling every bit as cool as I know I would getting about in the sky in a cape and blue leotard. The old booty is take all this extra attention pretty well, its sore mind you, but it seems to be coping.

The abs section is also fantastic, in a "please don't make me do any more" way. I am really enjoying adding more variety into my workouts. It is very easy to stick at the "same old, same old", especially when its giving results but it can get ho hum and drag at times.

Naturally, if anyone out there has ideas for glute exercises you think I should try just drop me a line or whack up a comment...

*The surrender move is done in a standing position with small hand weights held over head, arms in full extension, then one foot is stepped back, the knee is dropped to a one-knee-kneeling position, the other knee is dropped too to a full-kneeling position and the first leg down is then used to bring you back up to the original standing position. All done with arms above your head!

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