Monday, September 20, 2010

the neck is not invited to this party: glute 5/30...

Ah, Jillian, I love the sayings you've scattered throughout your exercise vids. This one she says during push-ups to remind us to keep our necks in a neutral position.

I haven't done the 30day shred in quite some time but I found myself in need of a workout, rain was a-falling and all the cardio machines in my gym were in use. I know, how rude of my fellow apartment dwellers, hhummph. So instead of throwing myself on the floor, thumping the ground and screaming at them I bolted back to the homestead and let Jillian tell me what to do. This option also had the bonus of letting Jillian tell me what glute exercise 5 would be.

Level 1 of the 30day shred incorporates loads of exercises that are truely fantastic but the one I find works my booty the most is the lunge. So lets say the lunge as well the whole level 1 of the 30day shred is glute exercise 5.

I know my lunge form is quite bad - I feel like I barely dip during the exercise, my rear knee gets absolutely nowhere near the floor. But, it makes my muscles really burn, ouch. And the next day, double ouch.

In fact I was so sore from this workout that its a clear sign I'm not covering everything during my usual cardio and resistance workouts. So I have decided to try to re-incorporate Jillian's fantastic workouts into my routines.

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