Tuesday, September 7, 2010

pedal pusher: glute 3/30

When I was a kid capris were called pedal pushers. Well, at least, that is what my mum called them. Sometimes she even called them knickerbockers. For real, she didn't even giggle afterwards. She had a few names for other things that I have since learned no one else actually says; like pomp instead of fart, and a half-up pony-tail-style hair style she calls pollyanna; I went on a school camp when I was a naive 11year old and getting ready one day I told one of my roomies I was doing my hair in pollyanna. Oh my, the laughter that followed. I worked out pretty fast no one else calls it that :)

My dad was in the navy for most of my childhood so we also had a smattering of naval terms through our household language, like smalley eats for nibbles, boffin for smart, bravo-echo-delta for bed time. I'm guessing every family has these made up names or names for things that are way out of common day speak; if I'm wrong about this please don't tell me, I don't want to be the only one with weirdo family talk.

In anycase, the whole reason I remembered any of this is because glute exercise number three is the glory of all pedal machina, the exercise bike. Such an amazing segue-introduction you are unlikely to see again.

My first regular exercise I did, starting about 6years ago, was the trusty exercise bike. That thing alone gave me years back in health rewards and was probably responsible for a solid 10kilos of weight loss. My rule was - the first 40minutes of tv viewing had to be done whilst using the exercise bike. And it worked people. Before I knew it my knickerbockers were too baggy, I wasn't puffed walking around all day and I was on track to bringing my booty back into line.

As for a good glute exercise, I think its awesome - my butt is truely sore after a solid exercise bike workout. Oftentimes it is also numb, but I think this is because bike seats are made for people with no derrière and as I have said before, this is not me. Paying closer attention to how I feel after using the masterful machine I definitely feel it in my glutes, but to be honest mostly in my quads and hamstrings. Hopefully this doesn't disqualify it as a glute exercise.

I use the exercise bike, much the same way as I use the cross trainer - gradually ramp up the resistance until its pretty tough during the first half and bring it back down during the second half. I used to just (more slowly) ramp up the resistance during whole workout, and not worry about bringing it back down, until a wise physio told me how daft this was and that I should do my hardest work whilst I am warm but not exhausted.

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