Friday, August 27, 2010

lets get fresh...

So one of my big big loves in life, is clothes - call me superficial but I love looking at clothes, mixing and matching things together and fantasizing about the "perfect" wardrobe. When I can't sleep I use a simple technique of choosing a topic (for example, capital cities, fruits, people I know, almost anything works) and running through the alphabet and coming up with something from the topic that begins with each letter. It gets me off my treadmill of thinking about whatever worry is circling and forces me to relax.

My favourite topic is "items in my ideal wardrobe"! I pretty much go from A is for A-line skirt in interesting pattern, B is for Black pant in a classic cut and C is for Camel trench coat and I'm off in the land of nod; occassionally I get to L is for Leopard print skirt and I have never gone past P is for Perfect jeans (probably because the thought of ever finding said jeans is so unrealistic that I figure I am already fast asleep and dreaming) but it is extremely relaxing to image my ideal wardrobe and should I ever get one I will no doubt fall asleep every time I open its doors. You get the idea, I like clothes alot and give them some significant part of my brain power.

Since beginning on this blogging effort I have come across several other types of blogs that I really like to read. One is the foodie blog; oh my how I love to see what other people eat, my favourites are ones where people post every meal, sometimes even photographing the preparation and cooking of each meal. A voyeur of food I am.

And another is the fashion blog; again my favourites are the ones that get updated almost daily and show everyday people rustling around in their wardrobes coming up with amazing outfits. Recently one of my favourites, Kendi, re-ran her 30-for-30 challenge. You must check her out, but basically for 30 days she concocted 30 different outfits using 30 clothing items. And she didn't shop during those 30 days - a tough thing to do for any victim of fashion-love-ola. Apart from seeing the cute outfits she pulled together, it was interesting to read how it made her feel and inspiring because ultimately it seemed to give her more appreciation for what she already had. Lots of fellow bloggers joined her movement and by and large seemed to have similar outcomes.

So I got thinking, is there a version of this challenge that might suit me and make me better appreciate what I already have and perhaps even make those things even better. Something exercise or food related. Initially I thought perhaps 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days might work, but realistically, I already do this and I don't think forcing myself to exercise would result in a very positive experience. Likewise, I thought 30 different meals in 30 days but that would never happen, because my brain is small when it comes to meals, 10 meals on some kind of rotation is about what we manage. But neither of these really embodies the essence of the challenge - I need to think of something I already have, that I can use, adapt and mould to re appreciate it. And bingo, guess what? I have something something that needs use, adaption and moulding. And so I am beginning the challenge of 30 different glute exercises for 30 days.

I am not convinced I can do 30 days in a row - not even Kendi did 30 continuous days - it will probably be more like 5 days a week. I'll incorporate 30 different glute exercises into my workouts, report what I think and who knows, maybe I'll find an exercise I love and my soft landing might become a soft and taut landing :)

So here we go...30 days of gluteus maximus

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