Monday, August 16, 2010


I feel like I am back on track and am motivated to make more change. I'm ready to challenge myself more, make my body work harder, try some new foods and become the hard unit we all know I'm meant to be :) Kidding, of course, I'm a curvy unit and thats totally ok.

Adding resistance training into my exercise mix has made some big changes. I think so, anyway. I feel stronger and kind of tough doing weights; seeing my biceps bulge (what is a lesser version of bulge? pulge, an abbreviation of petite-bulge, might be a better description) is very cool. Call me superficial but the best thing, by and large, is the reduction in wobble. I was washing my hair the other day and suddenly noticed my arms are far less wobbly, I couldn't resist showing Mr C over and over again. Then I made iron woman like poses and made him watch, I am very cool ;)

It might all be in my mind but whenever I increase my lifting weights I have a proportional increase in my craving for bananas. Maybe my muscles use lots of potassium. Or maybe they are more directly descended from our ape-ancestors than the rest of me. Do apes even like bananas? Surely they do? If I were a muscly ape I would love bananas, I'm sure.

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