Thursday, August 19, 2010

rockin the rinse...

So Mr C is working some odd hours at the moment, in fact he is working german hours in america, which translates to working in the depths in night. I am not someone who does well when its dark out and I'm not curled up in bed; I think my body clock is ruled by the sun or, perhaps if I am to be honest, by my inner-nanna.

This persona can be seen in my love of tea and biscuits, rose scented bath products and dolly parton. I have managed to curtail my love of doilies and meat terrines but my body is programed to hit the hay at a regular time each night, read a book for one or two minutes and promptly fall asleep. Mr C is not this way and, in fact, working in the wee hours is the time when magic happens for him. For me, first thing in the morning after a good night's sleep is when I am firing. Aye, it is a gift and a curse :) I also really want to do a pink or blue rinse when I ultimately go completely grey and rock matching pink or blue themed outfits, perhaps get a small poodle that I can have dyed to match; this is probably more curse than gift.

I can't complain about Mr C's schedule as my future is filled with night shifts and weekend hours; so I am filling the good wife karma cup and being as adaptable and supportive as I can be. In fact, it has gotten me thinking about how I will cope when my life is busy busy again and I am juggling full time work with this healthy life drama I have found myself in. I really hope my love of the feel good chemicals in healthy food and after exercise is addictive and I am uncontrollably pulled towards the good stuff. But the more I think about it, the more I think I just need to prepare - put time aside to get organised for whatever is coming and make making healthy choices easier.

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