Thursday, August 5, 2010

choc mint, mmm.....

The DragonLady left yesterday. Was beyond sad to see her off at the airport, she was wise and went mascara-free, I was not so clever. But, onwards and upwards for LandSoftly.

I have long thought of myself as a non-emotional eater, unless eating for every possible emotion with the slogan "a girl's gotta eat" counts. Being uncomfortable or uneasy doesn't tend to make me reach for the chocolate.

However, I felt I was in need of comfort yesterday and indulged in several (ie. seven!!) peppermint Freddo Frogs. The DragonLady brought me a huge bounty of these minty delights knowing they are one of my most favoured Aussie-treats; I felt the love on their arrival because, for starters, I do mean a bounty of Freddos, she presented me with one of those boxes that convenience stores have on their counters filled with the green blighters, it holds something like 75 frogs! And also because, her and my dad had hunt them down and buy them online (sadly they are not from the future like me) as they don't sell them everywhere anymore. Freddo was good to me, indeed he saved the day, I loved every single bite and felt like the gooey centers were liquid parental love.

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  1. I love choc mint stuff too! Mint Chip used to be my favourite. Hopefully my mum and dad will bring peppermint freddos and Bubbly when they come to week!!!