Wednesday, July 21, 2010

guess I'm a Mummy's girl...

The Dragon Lady arrived this afternoon. She has outdone even my predictions of her savvy prowess. Upon landing she promptly told me she had brought very little with her. I hardly believed her because when I say that kind of thing I mean I've brought very little baggage with me, like only two bags. Two bags full to the brim of countless daft outfit concoctions that are completely inappropriate. And we're usually much alike in this realm, she usually packs above and beyond what is required. She's the Mum with tissues, bandaids and string in her handbag, just in case someone might need it. But she meant it, she brought a suitcase, barely half-full, with her. It was so light it practically carried itself off the turnstile and into my car; a few tops, a few bottoms, smalls and one pair of shoes - yup, one! How is this even possible, one pair of shoes? What was she thinking?

Astonished I ask her what she plans to wear on her feet everyday because the silver slip-ons with bows (I kid you not, she likes a snazzy shoe) she has on won't go everywhere.Then she proceeds to tell me, she loves to shop and she knows I love to shop and she knew we would shop so she brought very little with her so she could take very much home with her. This was all said in her awesome country NSW accent that made me giggle with aural glee.

She is not only wise, but she meant business. After a cup of tea and a shower she hit the stores and an hour later had three pairs of adopted american shoes to take home in her roomy suitcase. She's just flown halfway across the world without a zed of sleep. But she has her priorities. And, darn it, she wanted to start as she means to finish. Or something ambitious like that.

I love this woman, but I love her all the more when she decides something and nothing is going to stand in her way. Its a silly thing (or a silly pair of things), buying new shoes, but she set herself up for success, had her mind steeled on what she wanted and then even took the time out afterwards to bask in her success.

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