Tuesday, July 13, 2010

get my groove on...

I really need to get my groove back on. For a while there I was consistently challenging myself with changing my exercise routine, trying new recipes and generally keeping healthy living in my focus. I was seeing results and feeling great. Recently I have been doing a bit of the same-old-same-old; still exercising but knowing in the back of my mind I could be doing more or at least mixing things up more; still eating reasonably well but not keeping track of everything. In short, I'm not really extending myself and to get where I want to be I know I've got some work to do.

So I had a an in-depth, albeit imaginary, conversation with Jillian this afternoon on my walk, she gave me a solid kick in the pants, screamed in my face about how I needed to get my act together, made me cry and then hugged it out with me. And you know, if you'd looked at me during this conversation all you would have seen was a woman set on pounding the pavement listening avidly to her podcast, that is the power of my and Jillian's bond, she doesn't even need to be present to whip me into a health busting frenzy. So afterwards, I said to Mr C that I think I've been in a rut with this healthy thing and we talked about how to shake things up. He was quite alot more practical than Jillian and we went straight into a brainstorm, ultimately coming up some grand ideas for workouts and meals. I'm feeling inspired and energised about giving them a whirl.

My general feeling of glumness has also hit the scales and the only change is a sad small (less than a kg) upward deviation. That'll teach me "for just knowing some poundage was about to drop" in my previous post - I should know far better than putting such statements out there, ever since my scale decided to kick its sugar-habit it can be more stubborn than a two year old in a tantrum and it will do whatever it can to prove me wrong. I might slip it some lollies and see what happens :)

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