Saturday, December 25, 2010

taking a moment...

Life has been spectacularly busy these past few weeks. My glute challenge has continued and, indeed, has even finished but more on that later - this here is a christmas special post to get you all gooey inside.

Mr C and I have a much beloved family member in hospital at the moment. The hours spent searching our loved ones faces for comfort and attempting to offer some in return has had me placing my life priorities firmly in place. And has me realising how unbelievably blessed I am.

I have alot to reflect on and thank my lucky stars for but above and beyond it all is that I am here at all; that I am healthy, have love in my life in all its various shades and forms and walk through my days in the company of some of the greatest minds and hearts there are.

Can I take a moment to send out my love to my lovely friends who read this - The BFF, SuperJhy, BB (aka Mrs Canuck), Mr Canuck, EOL, KayTee and MammaT; my lovely friends who don't know this even exists including the DragonLady; my cyber crushes - DietGirl, SkinnyLatte, Mizfit, MerryLife; and my partner Mr C. You are some special people.

I'll also take this chance to share that I somehow reached my end of year goal early - I'm a whopping 36kilos down.

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I will write again soon, but until then, I'm wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and love-filled life.


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