Thursday, December 9, 2010

come fly with me: glute 25/30...

So glute number 25 is a total cop out - its the amalgamation of the workout one's butt gets packing, lifting, pulling and pushing 80kilos of luggage across the world.

Ok, so I just had to get it to the airport and the plane actually brought it down under. But the checking it in, taking it through customs, dragging it around an airport and finally, thankfully, loading it into a taxi only to drag it all up stairs at the ultimate destination is enough to cause anyone's glutes to exercise.

I am unable to distinguish between possible hardcore workout butt ache and butt ache due to the 20hours of flying time. The butt aches though.

Mr C and I have returned to our beloved homeland for a very beloved relative who is not well at the moment.  Despite the reason we are drinking in the sunshine in great big gulps and loving up our people in great big hugs.


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