Saturday, April 9, 2011

i'm here...

I am here, lurking and listening...

My quest to find the balance between total type-A-anal-ism and total throw-out-the-window-ism continues. Its tough not go all food-exercise-nazi and its equally difficult not to go all airy-fairy-it'll-all-work-out. 

I am about 6 kilos off my goal weight at the moment. A very big part of me is thinking "Go crazy. Drop your calories. Up your exercise. Lose it all pronto. And then you can go scoff a pack of Tim Tams". I realise, though, this is that damn food-exercise-nazi talking, with a little bit of airy-fairy-it'll-all-work-out bribery to entice me in to this crooked scheme.

But, as I've said before, Aesop told me I was tortoise not a hare in this race of Rachel vs BigButt and that kind of approach would never work for me. Aesop is extremely wise, he would kick food-exercise-nazi's butt; he would absolutely write a fable about my plight and tell me ever so eloquently what the best course of action would be. So I channel Aesop, take one Tim Tam now, enjoy it, move on and tell myself "Keep going just like this and one day, you'll get there".

I hope you're all well out there.

R xx

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  1. You're back!! :)

    I was the same when I was about 6kg away from goal - but you know what, I think mentally that helped me shift to the whole "this isn't just until you lost 6kg, this is just how you live your life now" way of thinking rather than having a gung-ho all out effort like I had done earlier in the journey. Big picture baby :) x